• Jazzy Vee

The idea of "Satisfaction"

Contentment is the enemy of improvement.

I came across this quote about a week ago and it spoke in volumes to me. I finally realized so much about myself.

Thinking about how I am mentally at this point in my life, and how I was in the past, I've always been the type of person that always wanted more. I always want things to be better and I always find a way to make that happen.

After I graduated from college and passed the Nclex to get my RN license, I got a job as a registered nurse and loved it. I was able to accomplished another dream of mine.

But let's fast forward - I'll never forget November 2016.

I was a few months into the job, working 9-5 Monday to Friday, and something came across my mind- I was bored! I felt like I was missing something. Like my whole life, I always dedicated time working towards achieving something. Whether it be working hard towards doing great on a project in school, studying hard to do great on a test, studying to learn more information, trying to win the heart of someone I love (soo much I could say about my love life history... lol), etc. bottom line is:

My whole life I always worked hard to achieve something.

However in November 2016, I'll never forget having a drink with my friend John; he asked me about work. I told him how much I loved my job but felt like something was missing.

So I ask him, "how are you able to Be happy with the same job for all of these years, doing the same task every day?"

He told me he wasn't happy. Just because he worked for the same company doing the same task, didn't mean he was happy.

I said, "why do you still do it?"

He tells me because he's comfortable.

I kind of exploded and said why not live out your wildest dreams !

Then I realized- why don't I live out my wildest dreams?? Just because I'm a nurse doesn't mean I can't try to work towards something else!

So I go back to my childhood mentality- music is something I always gravitated to, ever since I was a little girl. It's in my blood. My earliest memories are hearing Spanish music that my mom would play nearly every day at home, or in the car..

Th earliest album I remember listening to was by Britney Spears, "Oops I Did It Again".

I remember singing some of the those lyrics to every song and thinking "why can't I be a singer like Britney Spears?! I love music!" Haha, that juvenile mentality.

I started dance classes at the age of 4 (ballet was my first class - hated it!), but I recall being in tap &jazz classes, learning dance routines, and thinking - why can't we dance to the songs I want to dance to ? Why can't I choose the songs for us to dance to ! (I.E. Britney Spears lol.) Why listen to a teacher?

So fast forward to that day in November 2016, I realized something - I should get back into my first love, which is music.

He asked me what would I want to do in music.

I'll never forget telling John, "I love listening to the radio. I also have seen videos of people doing interviews on the radio" - it looked so cool to me. So I thought, "why not the radio!" at the time, far too shy too even tell a soul that I dreamed of being a singer.

He told me I can do anything I want to in life.

Then I realized I was too shy. How can I ever do anything I want to do in life! I never spoke up and rarely said what was on my mind. How can I do a radio show?!

I left off the conversation as, eh, we'll see what happens.

So after that night, a few days later, John sends a screenshot of an advertisement which gave information to a radio station seeking radio personalities.

I was like, please, I am far from a personality. Let alone radio personality! psshh, what is that anyway. I seriously didn't have much belief in myself at all the time, as you can tell from the thoughts.

John urged me to apply and see what happens. Eh, so to my dismay, I applied.

I got a phone call several days later. I did the interview. The manager asked what kind of show I wanted to do... I came up with an idea on the spot, made it seem as if it was all planned out, and he loved it! He asked when I was ready to start, and I was just awe-struck! I'm like nah there's no way...

Long story short, I loved doing radio. I felt like I was able to break free out of this cage of silence I kept myself in for years. Got out of my comfort zone and learned so much about myself. And yes, of course I kept my full-time nurse career lol.

I did the radio gig for a couple of years; met some really interesting people, learned more about business than what they taught us in class (isn't that the truth with any class you take vs. real life experience haha), created my own business, and the rest is, ... well, a work in progress.

I feel like no matter what success I achieve, I will always be a work in progress. I'm never satisfied. I can and always will strive to do my best and do better than what I did yesterday.

Hey, you can always do great.

But, you can always do better.

Strive for the best loves, regardless if no one believes in you, or if anyone tries to knock you down.

Believing in yourself is what matters the most.

Dream, work hard, make It happen. You can do it.


Oh So Jazzy Ent.