• Jazzy Vee

New Beginings

Hey everyone! So I've been wanting to make my first post for some time now, only thing on my mind was, what should my first post even be about? Well here I am working on my website and it just came to me; I've been going through a lot (good and bad) lately, so why not just say what's going on ! Well, to begin, life has been really hectic ever since I committed myself to becoming an artist this year. Being an artist, depending on what kind of artist you want to be, is a lifestyle. With a full-time career as a registered nurse, balancing time with friends, family, going to recording sessions, trying to stay fit, networking, taking care of myself, pay bills, and so much more is not easy at all! However, I keep in mind that if you want to make your dreams come true, sometimes you need to remove certain things from your life. As my career coach/mentor always tells me "time is more valuable than money!" which is so true. Of course, sometimes you need to make sure you give some time to the really important things in your life, but if they really are so important to you then they will understand why they don't see you so often. I want everyone out there to know it's okay if you lose people in your life because you are committed to doing something better for yourself. If your "friends" or "family" leaves you because you're sacrificing time to do something better with your life, then maybe they were never real to begin with. A real friend or family member will always be there for you. With everything going on in the world that we live in today, I don't see how people even have the space in their mind to be petty towards people working on themselves. It's a blessing to even be here on Earth ! At least that's how I see it. Good vibes and love to all.


Oh So Jazzy Ent.