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Hey! Haven't had the time to make a post in a while- life has been hectic!

So I released my debut single, "Money Bags" a few weeks ago, and life has been more demanding than before. But it's been a blessing.

I've realized and learned so much in the few weeks since releasing this record.

Unfortunately, I've seen the ugly side of people.

Everyone warned me, but now I see it all for myself.

I must say, basking in the end result of hard work and dedication is an amazing feeling - which pushes me harder to progress! If you can accomplish an amazing result, what can stop you from improving and achieving a greater level of success? Keep going!

If you achieved something you always wanted, who is to say that you cannot achieve a greater level of success? Be persistent, keep going, push yourself and stay focused!

As I type this post, I'm watching a woman play the violin with a brass arm on national television. There are no limits in life!!!!


ou are the only one that can stop yourself from achieving any wild dream you foresee. Don't block yourself from succeeding. Push yourself to make your dreams come true.

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